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Global Climate Strike

Global Climate Strike

What a fantastic day we had at the Global Climate Strike. The Junk Koture outfites and the placards were wonderfully creative and we had a great parade around the school yard in the sunshine. Well done and thank you to all involved in sending a powerful message to our policy makers across the world. After school on Friday, many of you also gathered at the town hall. From here a small group of children from the school and their families presented the letter from the children of DLETNS, in person, to the Chairperson of the County Council. She was very impressed with their ideas and suggestions and we are hoping to get a response very soon from the County Council. 


Here is a copy of the letter:


Dear Dun Laoghaire County Council,

We are Dun Laoghaire Educate Together National School. There are 61 children in our school. We have three classes – Junior Infants, Senior Infants and First Class.

We are writing to you to ask you to take more care of our area and of the sea.

We decided to do an Action Plan which tells us how we can help look after our home and our school. Some of the things we have decided to do are:

  • Planting and minding our trees (both in school and at home)
  • Give our old things to charity shops, recycle them, or give them to someone else who needs them
  • Stop littering
  • Switch off electronics when we are not using them
  • Composting
  • Use cars only when necessary (and we have to talk to our parents about this because they are the people who are driving!)
  • Mind our own stuff and use our things carefully so they don’t break
  • And most importantly – RECYCLE!

We have a few suggestions on what you could do to help look after our area:

  • Recycle more – you could add compost bins and green bins to the side of the streets to help people use the right bin
  • In parks, add more and different types of bins
  • Add litter signs in parks and on the road
  • Add litter fines – this means if people are littering they have to pay money. Some of us think this it should be €20, and others think it should be €20,000. Some of us think the amount should depend on how much litter they drop.
  • To help people stop driving, we need bigger sidewalks and more bicycle lanes. Cyclists need their own lanes to make sure they stay safe.
  • If you have to chop down trees to make more space for a bicycle, please plant one hundred trees for every one tree you cut down.
  • Another idea is that you could build cycle paths up in the air, on a big ramp, above the sidewalks or above the road.
  • Make sure that there is no diesel or petrol cars on the road, people should only use electric cars. The price for electric cars should be lower than the price of diesel or petrol cars and maybe we should have a few free ones.
  • We need to have more charging places for electric cars and bigger and better batteries.  
  • Buses should be electric and not petrol or diesel.
  • Can we have better boats so that we don’t always take an aeroplane. Or could we have aeroplanes that float on water so they don’t give out so much gas. We also talked about maybe taking fewer holidays that involve using an aeroplane.  


Just to let you know, all the children, their parents and the staff, as well as the neighbouring Red Door School, are important, even the young Junior Infants. We care about each other and our world.


Thanks for reading this,

The children of Dun Laoghaire ETNS